Over the years I have been amazed at how many people tend to associate a relaxing feeling with substances that actually are stimulants.
Many people say that cigarettes, coffee, or candy help them relax, and unwind.
In reality, all three of these substances tend us more stressful, or hyper.
So why do so many people associate relaxing with chemicals that are stimulants?
More often than not, we find ourselves falling into the habit of associating objects with taking a break.
For example, we have all heard statements such as It is time for a coffee break.
A cigarette break would be nice. I am going to take a break, and grab something to eat.
Many times what is happening is a person may feel that he or she needs to justify why they are taking a break.
If I worked for you and said, "I have really been busy, would it be alright if I took a break, and had a cup of coffee"?
Or perhaps the request would be, would it be all right if I took a break, and grab a candy bar?
Then there is, would it be alright if I took a short cigarette break?
Each one of these three requests seems almost normal to us. It seems logical to take a break and overdose on sugar, caffeine, or nicotine.
Now if I asked, "would it be alright if I took a break for a few minutes, and did absolutely nothing, maybe just stare out of the window"?
Your response would be, do you feel ok, is there anything wrong?
What is wrong, is that we have forgotten that we do have the right to take a break, and allow our minds, and bodies to relax, without the association of sugars, caffeine, or nicotine.
From this moment you will think of breaks, relaxation, and taking care of yourself in a new way.